Review of Sharon O’Connor’s Menus and Music: Bistro – Favorite Parisian Bistro Recipes

Book cover picture Menus Music: Bistro by Sharon O'ConnorI bought Sharon O’Connors Book “Menus and Music: Bistro” when I first moved to Buffalo, New York and married Jen. It inspired me to begin learning to cook. Sharon travels the world working with open minded chefs at great restaurants to create menus and recipes for the home cook. The book, like all her work, are first quality with lovely pictures, background stories and explanations. Many of her books like this one include a wonderful CD of music to pair with the menus.

I highly recommend checking out Sharon’s Menus and Music site where she offers a world of goods and cookbooks to help you create a marvelous environment for you and your loved ones. Check out her vast collection of books and musical accompaniment. Her recipes are well tested and documented so you can have the same confidence as you do with my recipes.

Sharon is authentic. Her fabulous work is generated through her life experiences which shows through in all her books. She’s a musician and founder of the San Francisco String Quartet and educated at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. She’s a world traveler and writer who has published over 50 books. Deeply connecting with some of the world great restaurants and their chefs she brings great recipes and menu pairing. Much thought and care are put into every page.

It was a snowy February in 2003 and we were living in downtown Buffalo New York when I decided to make Lapin a la Moutarde (page 49) from Astier’s menu. This translates to rabbit in mustard sauce. I combed the Butcher shops in Buffalo for whole rabbits. No luck. I was close to thinking I would have to head to our weekend place (future location of The Guy Cooks) in Chautauqua and beg to go rabbit hunting with our neighbors when I found my query at Tuscany Deli, a local foods purveyor.

Buffalo snow from Delaware Towers 16th floor

View from our 16th floor condo early 2000s

Jen arrived home  from a long week in Orlando to our small condo on Delaware Ave. We had over two feet of snow as usual. When she trudged her way home, she opened the door and was surprised by rich aromas of onions, wine and Dijon mustard. We had a marvelous meal while the snow swirled violently outside. It was one of the earliest experiences of me being able to cook. For that I thank Sharon O’Connor.

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