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Blair’s beloved dutch ovens.

In this post I have several recommendations for pots known as Dutch ovens. When I was growing up I thought these were only camping gear to cook stews over an open fire. But these are now my most used pots in the kitchen. The wide base and lower sides make cooking soups, braised meats, and roasts much more effective. The cast iron versions cook evenly in the oven for those low and slow recipes.


Dutch_Oven_Guttenburg_projectThe Dutch get the credit for the pot because in the 1600s they developed a method of processing cast iron with sand that created a much smoother cooking surface than the competition. They also created the wide design that allowed a flat lid to be heaped with hot coals from the fire.

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Round French (Dutch) Oven, Color Flame


This is the exact pot I use on the show. It’s a work horse and top quality made in France. I really notice how evenly this cooks compared to the less expensive green pot I use. The finish is much higher quality and doesn’t chip or scratch much compared to other pots.

There is a real advantage with this pot because it is larger than other cast iron Dutch ovens and much wider. The width makes the difference in having to brown meat in batches. This saves me real time on a number of recipes. 

Price. Absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe Jen let me buy this thing at $360. This is the pan you buy when you become serious about cooking and your partner wants to reward you for the efforts. So get working on those long braise recipes!

The green pot I use on the show was my first dutch oven – fond memories (pun intended). It was around $70 and made in China. I love the color and it works well. It’s a little small and not wide enough. I tend to make risotto and soups in it. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued so I make the following recommendation as a similar option.

Zelancio 6 Quart Enameled Covered Round Dutch Oven [BUY ON AMAZON]


This is a new release as of July 2016 and it’s significantly less than the Le Creuset at $60. It’s cast iron with enamel finish made in China so I expect you’ll experience similar results as I do with my green pot. As of this writing in August 2016 it has all five star reviews on Amazon. If you get this pot leave a comment and let me know how it is.

All-Clad 4508 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded – 8 quart Dutch oven [BUY ON AMAZON]


This is the stainless steel version of a dutch oven I use on the show. It’s no secret that I love All-Clad. They make a magnificent product that will last your lifetime. They’re made here in the US in Pennsylvania and the quality is top notch. This is a large pot and I use it all the time. The All-Clad difference is that they make their  products out the finest stainless steel, highly polish the surface so maintenance is a breeze, and completely encapsulate an aluminum core on the bottom and sides for even heating throughout the pot. Other less expensive pots will have just an aluminum disk on the bottom producing mixed results. The price is expensive at around $250 but it will last forever.

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